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To Place an Order:
To place an order call us at 781.738.3290 or email us at DND_PHOTOGRPHY@YAHOO.COM.
We accept Money Orders, Checks, Cash, Master Card and Visa.

Quality-Our medium and large size pictures are printed with a laser printer on Fuji high quality archival paper. We have been quoted a life span of at least 100 years under glass.
Our tiny and small pictures are printed with an Epson printer on high quality Epson archival paper. Epson has quoted us a life span of at least 104 years under glass.

All framed pictures will come with a sealed back and high quality installed hardware that we install for you. Each framed picture will also include plastic hang right bumpers to protect your wall and to allow the picture to hang properly.
Our large and medium picutures are dry mounted.

All pictures are matted using an acid free white mat board.
All pictures shall be signed and a discription of the picture may be put on the mat depending upon the subject matter if the artwork.

Mouse Pads:
The sublimation process used to print these popular pads actually dyes your graphics into the pad's fabric surface. This creates a photographic pad that is both durable and colorful.These pads are made with high-density black foam and a tough, stain-resistant cloth cover surface which provides excellent performance for both optical & roller ball mouse devices. Mouse Pad dimensions are a standard 7 ¾” wide x 9 1/8” tall pad.

Ceramic Tiles:
Glossy Photo Tiles have a shiny surface and will scratch if a sufficient force is applied and are therefore suitable for use only as decorative tiles, such as backsplashes and wall art. If additional protection is desired just apply one layer of Minwax super fast drying polyurethane for floors. (be sure to read and follow all directions on can) All our coatings contain UV inhibitors and are proven to be the most durable on the market. Gloss Photo Tiles are available in 8x10 inch

All sales are final unless otherwise discused with D&D Photography.